Ways to aid the homeless

By Harry Shelton

October 23, 2020

With more and more people becoming homeless in the world, those who have a roof over their heads need to give to those who don’t. Thankfully there are a lot of ways to give to the homeless and ensure that a difference can be made in their situation.

Some are easy and some are hard, but everything and anything that can be done to help someone in need is a good thing to do. Most homeless people were simply hit by a tragedy such as job loss, addiction, a death in the family, or illness and didn’t have a support system to help them through it.

The easiest way

Educate yourself about why a homeless man or woman could be homeless. Not all of them are bad people, and most are kind and nice who just fell on some hard times and need a kind ear and a helping hand to get back on their feet.

By understanding not just how they became homeless but also how easy it is for anyone to fall on the same bad times and become homeless themselves, people can understand just how much the homeless need help and will be more likely to give it.

This also helps with showing respect, because homeless people are people too, and they shouldn’t be treated like they are invisible. By giving the people dignity, it can provide wonders for their self-esteem and confidence.


Clothing, shoes, toys, books, and nonperishable food items are often worth their weight in gold to the homeless. So if a shelter is nearby, do what you can to donate. Old and gently used items are valuable and can change someone’s life forever.

Also, offer other things like electronics, appliances, furniture, and phones to shelters to help not only improve their quality of care but also help formerly homeless people who are trying to get jobs or furnish an apartment.

Donating time is also a big help, as getting to know the homeless in your area is the first step towards breaking down any prejudices that either side might have. Using skills such as cooking and serving food, cleaning and repairing items, or even passing things out can all make someone’s day brighter and better.

Teaching about things such as how to repair common items, how to apply and conduct a job interview, and how to manage money can also be a step towards helping the homeless get their lives back on track as they move from the temporary shelter to a new home and place of employment.

The first thing to remember

Just understand that no homeless person wants to be homeless, and they often want to work, have a job and money, and improve their situation. Just by telling them that they are seen and giving them those chances can light a fire in them to help the homeless get out of the situation themselves.

Treat them like people, and who knows what kindness that will be given in return.

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