Misconceptions about being homeless

By Harry Shelton

October 23, 2020

One of the worst things about being homeless is the misconceptions that surround it. Because of these misconceptions, homeless people often are the targets of unfair discrimination and prejudice, which can make it harder for them to find help. A shocking number of people even believe these myths, which helps the problem to grow.

Several of these myths are silly, some are simply untrue, and all need to be debunked if homelessness has any chance of being stopped. Education is the best weapon to ensure that the homeless get the help they need, and these myths are a good place to start.

Myth 1: They need a job

Most people think that by employing the homeless, everything can be taken care off. However, most homeless people lack clean clothes, transportation, and sometimes the knowledge to do even the most basic tasks. Some even have criminal records, disabilities, and other problems that make bosses reluctant to hire them.


Even if they are hired it is typically for low paid grunt work, which can’t support a homeless free lifestyle and often keeps them stuck in a rut where they can’t make enough to move up in the world.

Myth 2: They are homeless by choice

This myth can be true, but being homeless is often the lesser of two evils. A rare number of people gamble, drink, or otherwise cause their money to disappear which leaves them homeless, but many more are often forced from their homes.

This can be because of war, domestic abuse, job loss, and other complications that force someone to flee their home because the alternative is much worse. So while some people chose to be homeless, it wasn’t out of doing bad things that got them where they are.

Myth 3: Homelessness only happens to poor people

No one plans to be homeless and often the biggest portion of the homeless population is middle or even upper-class citizens. They had money, a support system, good jobs, and friends, but life fell apart and they simply couldn’t put it back together.

Poverty can happen to even the richest man, and it doesn’t matter the wealth or status that people have because one bad day can cause a spiral to cause homelessness.

Myth 4: It will never end

With all the causes of homelessness, the statistics that chart its growth, and more and more cases highlighting the effects of being homeless on our world, it’s easy to give up and say it will never end. However, cities are putting long-term plans to destroy homelessness into place and with every homeless man, woman, and child helped we are one step closer to ending it once and for all.

Helping the homeless matters

Volunteering, donating, and teaching about why some of these myths are not true is the most important thing that can be done to aid in the fight against homelessness, and with enough help and understanding, it can be beaten and it can be destroyed.

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